XVX 19

Bristol Lodekka LD5G 1954 with ECW 33/25R Body no 6609 series 2
Reg no XVX 19
Eastern National 4208, 1431, 2400
Engine: Gardner 5LW Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed manual

XVX 19 was the first of 387 Bristol Lodekka buses delivered to Eastern National between March 1954 and August 1968. It is the oldest Lodekka on the road in the UK and probably in the world. It was essentially a town bus and operated from Chelmsford depot from new until into the 1960’s. It subsequently ran from Hadleigh and Basildon depots until June 1972 when it was purchased by Lionel Richardson. For many years it was in the care of the Eastern National Preservation Group and is now in the care of the XVX 19 Group. XVX 19 is in the condition it would have been in from the mid 1960’s and retains some of the features seen only on the earliest models such as the long apron front grill and the parcel shelves over the rear wheels. The rear destination blind was removed by Eastern National and the front wings were reduced in size to aid the cooling of the front brakes.