WNO 478

Bristol KSW5G 1953
Originally with ECW L27/28R body
Reg no WNO 478
Westcliff on Sea Motor Services,
Eastern national 1423, 2380
Engine: Gardner 5LW Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed manual

WNO 478 was new to Westcliff on Sea Motor Services in October 1953 prior to the take over by Eastern National in 1955 when it was given the fleet no 1423. In March 1966 it was converted to an open top design and could be seen in its heyday carrying passengers along Southend seafront. There were strict rules applied for the passage under Southend Pier because of the restricted height of the bridge. The bus was halted just prior to the bridge and the conductor gave the instruction for the upstairs passengers to remain seated. The conductor would then ring the bell twice giving the driver the signal to proceed at a walking pace. Once clear of the bridge the conductor would again ring the bell twice giving the “all clear” signal to the driver to proceed at a normal pace. WNO 478 gave in total 18 years of public service as a conventional roofed bus and as an “open topper” before being purchased by the Eastern National Preservation Group in December 1971 and subsequently the Castle Point transport Museum in 2006.