Talk by Marian Patten

Canvey Island Rotary hosts a talk by Marian Patten about the Transport Museum

Rotary President Anne Earl invited Marian Patten to give a talk at one of their Rotary meetings about the history of the Transport and the new plans that are in the pipeline for it. The invitation arose out of Anne’s visit to the museum on Easter Sunday. She was very impressed by the work being done there and the dedication of the handful of volunteers who have been working tirelessly to make sure the museum can open to the public.

Rotary members found the talk very interesting and informative and it has prompted some of them to come and see the museum and its eclectic collection of transport related items for themselves. Marian brought some of those items for people to look at and handle. Members found it surprising how heavy a ticket machine is and couldn’t imagine having to have it slung on their shoulder and then work all day. There were also old style tickets to look at and a display board showing some of the vehicles in the collection as well as views of the old interior compared to the large open spaces now awaiting the new mezzanine floor to be put up.

All in all a very pleasant evening. May 2022.

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