PHJ 954

Courtesy of Ian Banks

Leyland PD3/6 1958
With Massey Lowbridge Body
Reg no PHJ 954
Southend Corporation Transport 315
Engine: Leyland 0600 Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed manual

Southend Corporation Transport ran 6 of these PD3/6 lowbridge buses numbering from 311 – 316. Because of their low overall height they were used exclusively on particular routes around the town where low bridges needed to be navigated. They were commonly referred to as “Long Leylands” and were remembered affectionately by the drivers as they had a “good turn of speed”. PHJ 954 gave service for 20 years on routes around Southend and the last few of those years it also served as a driver training vehicle. Modifications were made to the bulkhead behind the driver to allow access to and from the lower saloon for the instructor and the trainee driver.