OWC 182D

©Ian Banks

Bristol MW6G 1966
with ECW MW (medium weight) body
Reg no OWC 182D
Tillings T312, 9392
Eastern National 392, 9392
Engine: Gardner 6HLW
Transmission: 5 speed manual

OWC 182D was one of a batch of 3 identical coaches supplied to Tillings Chelmsford, sadly the other 2 no longer exist. It was transferred to Eastern National and from 1974 to 1984 was operated by the National Travel Fleet before retiring into preservation. During its 18 years in service it was upgraded from a 34 seater coach with Chapman recliners to a 39 seater in 1974. OWC 182D has changed hands a number of times in preservation but the current owner Callum Taylor is now carrying out a lengthy restoration to restore it to the original Tillings livery after sourcing an original set of Chapman reclining seats.