ONO 49

Bristol L5G 1950 with ECW B35R Body
Reg no ONO 49
Eastern National Fleet No’s 4028, 309,1107
Engine: Gardner 5LW Diesel

Transmission: 5 speed manual

ONO 49 entered service at the Clacton depot and for a number of years was used on the 53 trunk route from Clacton to the Tilbury Ferry. It was later transferred to the Halstead depot and was used on local routes in and around the area. The vehicle spent its final months in service at Basildon depot on a CEGB power station contract at West Thurrock. It was last used to carry the Christmas mail at Southend before being taken out of service at the end of summer 1964 and was sold to a dealer in Lincolnshire and then resold to a civil engineering contractor in the North West in January 1965. After the contractor had finished with ONO 49 the bus was acquired for preservation in 1972, passing to the Eastern National Preservation Group in 1981 and to the ownership of the Castle Point Transport Museum in 2000. In the 1980’s ONO 49 was seen as an extra in the popular BBC TV sitcom “Hi-de-Hi” carrying holidaymakers to Maplin’s Camp. It has also been used by fans of the programme at their reunion events. The museum has used ONO 49 for many events over the years but it is now in need of major renovation before it can be used again on the road.