NTW 942C

©Ian Banks

Bristol FLF6G 1965
with ECW H38/32F Lodekka body
Reg no NTW 942C
Eastern National fleet no 2849
Engine: Gardner 6LW Diesel
Transmission: 5 speed manual

NTW 942C is one of 247 (232 buses and 15 coaches) Bristol FLF (flat floor – long – front entrance) Lodekkas delivered to Eastern National between 1960 and 1968, the last of which were withdrawn in 1981. It was allocated to the Clacton Depot and ended its days at Hadleigh where it was carefully maintained and regularly attended events as a show bus. Today NTW 942C is painted in the original livery as it would have been delivered from Eastern Coach Works when new. It is powered by a Gardner engine of 8.4 litres which develops 94 BHP and has been fitted with a higher ratio Bristol RE single deck rear axle differential giving it a higher top speed than normal. By 1968, FLF’s made up about half of the Eastern National fleet and were used on routes of all types throughout Essex. Following service with Eastern National NTW 942C passed initially to a preservationist in Kent and in 1988 to the Eastern National Preservation Group. In 2001 it was bought by three members of the Castle Point Transport Museum who continue to own it to this day.