NEH 453

© Alan Chute

Leyland Titan OPD2/1 1949
Originally with Weymann single deck body no C9411
Reg no NEH 453
Potteries Motor Traction Company LTD (PMT) fleet no’s L453, SN453
Engine: Leyland 0600
Transmission: 4 speed manual

NEH 453 was originally fitted with a single deck body of front entrance design seating 35 passengers. In 1954 a new Northern Counties double deck body (that had previously been unsuccessfully tried on an old Leyland TD4 chassis) was fitted and allocated fleet no L453. The new double deck body proved too heavy for the ageing pre-war chassis. This new Lowbridge body was very advanced for its day having an air exchange unit that extracted air and smoke from the upper and lower saloons and ejected it under the rear platform area. It was also the first bus body in Stoke on Trent to have electrically operated platform doors. NEH 453 served PMT in this guise for 9 years being withdrawn on 8 November 1963 having served at total of 13 years. In 1976 it was acquired for preservation and is one of only two known Leyland OPD2/1’s preserved in England.