MYF 974

Maudsley Mogul 1953
with Park Royal (cab) and
Harrington (load space)
Reg no MYF 974
Post Office Stores Dept
Engine: AEC 7.7 Litre Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed manual

The Post Office (telephones) used MYF 974 between Bridgewater in Somerset, London and Birmingham. It was fitted with a low ratio differential axle to enable the towing of a trailer but this limited the top speed to 33 mph resulting in a very noisy ride for the driver! With clever design, Harringtons 22 foot body offered great structural strength, weighing in at only 1 ton 9 cwt and giving a total unladen weight of the complete vehicle of 5 tons 12 cwt. Around 1970 MYF 974 was purchased for use at Bibby’s Fairground Grays Thurrock and in 1983 was purchased by the current owner for preservation. At the time Bibby’s would not part with the main body and it wasn’t until 1993 when it was at last re-united with its original chassis. The owner has personally carried out much renovation work to bring it to its original condition that you see here today.