Making someone’s Day

Yesterday, the museum welcomed a visit from the Canvey Community Archive, accompanied by Alan Foster and his partner, Lyn Hutchins. Alan, who strikingly resembles Bruce Forsyth, was among the hundreds of individuals who rallied to assist Canvey during the critical hours of the 1953 floods. Remarkably, at the age of 91, he recalls those events as vividly as if they happened yesterday.

The archive aimed to create a special occasion for Alan at Lyn’s request. Ray Howard MBE, himself a flood survivor, was invited to meet Alan at the transport museum. There, Ray presented Alan with a commemorative plaque, recognising his significant role in the rescue efforts.

To enhance their experience, the museum arranged for a vintage bus tour around the island. Callum, our driver for the day, skilfully navigated the scenic route. As we explored, Ray provided a lively commentary, sharing insights into our surroundings.

Upon returning to the museum, Dave Tucker guided them through its exhibits, revealing fascinating stories and historical artefacts. And what better way to conclude their visit than with a well-deserved cup of tea, courtesy of Marian. Both Alan and Lyn thoroughly enjoyed this heart warming experience.

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