LYR 997

AEC Regent 111 RT 1952
with 1949 Weymann body
Reg no LYR 997
London Transport RT2827, Osbourne’s Tollesbury 39
Engine: AEC 9.6 Litre Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed pre-select

The RT type had a total production of just under 7,000 and could be seen on the streets of London from 1939 to 1979 and represented the largest fleet of standardised buses the world had ever seen. The design was quite revolutionary having features such as air brakes, pre-selector gearbox and comfortable seating. LYR 997 was new to Hendon in 1952 but was housed at many other London depots throughout its career. In 1965 it retired from service with London Transport and was purchased by Osbourne’s of Tollesbury and given the fleet no 39. In 1966 rear doors were fitted, this was carried out here in the very building where it is housed today. In June 1972 it went into preservation and was purchased by the present owner Keith Patten who decided to keep it in the Osbourne’s livery rather than reverting back to the London Transport design. He has carried extensive work to LYR 997 to present it in its current condition you see here today.