236 LNO

©Ian Banks

Bristol LDL6G 1957
with 1958 EX4 Prototype H37/33R Lodekka body
Reg no 236 LNO
Eastern National 1541, 2510
Engine: Gardner LW6B Diesel
Transmission: 5 speed manual

236 LNO is a prototype flat-floor, air suspension 70-seater Lodekka bus with a LDL X004 chassis and EX4 body first registered to Eastern National on 6 February 1959. It was initially used as a Tillings BTC demonstration vehicle and was subsequently assigned to a number of depots including Brentwood and Colchester and was a driver trainer vehicle at Braintree. It was Eastern National’s last closed top, rear entrance bus and was decommissioned in 1977. It was acquired by the present owner Craig Mara on 20 April 2001 and kept here at the Transport Museum. Craig has carried out extensive work on 236 LNO including mechanical, electrical, re-panelling and painting.